Millet is very healthy cereal; and those who are bothered about their extra pounds include millet in your diet. Millet has lot of fiber content and is gluten free. So switch over to Millet flour rather than wheat if you are looking out to burn your extra caloriesJ. It is very good for diabetic patients also. Since my dad is diabetic we are so used to this grain right from childhood in varieties of forms. You can make ragi idlis, dosas, steam cakes, payasam, savories, snacks and even pakodas.

Plus Ragi is rich in iron and easily digestible.
The first solid food we give to infant at 3-4 months is ragi kurukku (ragi cooked with milk and sugar).

So here goes the recipe for ragi puttu.


Ragi powder – 2 cups

Salt – 1 tsp (as required)

Water – ¾ cup

Scrapped fresh Coconut – 1 cup ( for mixing with flour) + 1 cup for layering in the puttu mould


In a vessel combine ragi powder and salt, add water little by little and mix well, the mix should resemble crumbled bread texture, add 1 cup grated coconut(optional can reduce the quantity also) and mix well. Adding coconut to the puttu mix makes it tastier.

In a puttu mould add coconut and puttu mix alternating each other until it gets filled up. Steam it in a puttu steamer for 5-6 minutes.

Delicious and healthy ragi puttu is ready, serve it with curry of your choice or simply have it with sugar and plantain.


Mini Salty Donuts

Well this is a cooked up recipe, I flattened the shell dough of a tart base in donut moulds and baked it. My kids doesn’t love anything with toppings other than chocolates, they like everything plain quite contrary to my nature. There were two reasons behind using the donut mould, this mould was recently presented by my co-sister for our anniversary, and secondly my kids love donuts.

Here goes the recipe:

For Dough:

All purpose flour – ¾ cup

Cream cheese – ½ cup

Salt- ¼ tsp

Butter – 2 tablespoon

(Butter and cream cheese at room temperature)


Preheat the oven at 200 degree centigrade for 10 minutes.

Mix all the above to make a soft dough, divide it into 12 portions and make balls. Now grab your donut moulds, grease them and flatten the balls in the mould. If you don’t have mould, flatten the balls into small circles and place them on muffin trays and bake it. The snack is crispy outer and soft inner.

Serve it as an evening snack for kids with tomato ketchup.


Potato patties

A very easy stuff and kids would love it; they can carry it in their snack box and fancy it as nuggets. My husband is damn against all these frozen nuggets, burgers, French fries and stuff and even sausages. But kids love them. So to deceive them I make these potato patties, sometimes I do add some minced chicken (cooked chicken from curry, wash it well with water and chop them finely or just turn once in a mixer).


Potato – 1

Bread powder (some 1-2 old slices of bread minced in a mixer)- ¼ cup

Salt to taste – ¼ tsp

Oil for shallow fry


Wash and Peirce the potatoes randomly with fork and microwave them for 5 minutes in high. Remove the skin and mash them. You will get approximately ½ cup , add salt and bread powder to make a soft dough, make small balls and flatten them and shallow fry in oil. With ½ cup potato and ¼ cup bread powder you can make 6 small patties to pack your kids snack box.





Rava Idli

We all get lazy when it comes for packing food for kid’s school early in the morning and especially if we don’t have any handy batters, bread etc.. Here goes an easy recipe if your kid loves idli. My son loves idli and chutney and this one just takes a max of 15 minutes for all the whole process. This saves him from taking cheese sandwiches to school if I haven’t prepared any batter or dough the previous night.

For kids

Rava or suji or semolina – 1 cup

Yoghurt or curd – 1 cup

Salt as required

Boiled veggies – 1 cup (optional ) ( I used finely minced carrots in a food processor )

Eno or fruit salt – 1 teaspoon

Carrots add to the nutritional value plus give it a lovely appearance as to deceive kids.


Mix rava, yoghurt and salt, if using veggies add them and mix well and the batter should be a slightly thicker than regular idli batter, if it’s very thick you can dilute by adding milk or buttermilk. It mostly depends upon the water content in curd used since i use store bought yoghurt water content is less so have to add ¼ cup water. Semolina tends to soak up quickly so prepare the idli molds by greasing them and let water boil in idli steamer/ cooker before you do the mixing process.

Just before you pour the batter into the moulds, add 1 tsp eno, mix well, fold well as to aerate the batter and then scoop it out into the moulds. Cook in the idli steamer for about 10-12 minutes. Check whether it is cooked by inserting a tooth pick , it should come clean. Remove the idli pans, cool them and transfer them into a serving plate. Enjoy with freshly prepared coconut chutneys of your choice or Sāmbhar.


For seasoning

Oil – 1 tablespoon

Mustard – 1 tsp

Gram dhal – 1tsp

Chopped cashews – 5-6

Curry leaves – 6-7

Chopped ginger – 1 tsp

Dry red chilly – 2 or substituet with chopped green chillies

Chopped Coriander leaves – 2 table spoon

Cooked veggies – ¾- 1 cup (I used carrots and peas)

Salt as required.


Rava – 1 cup , yoghurt – 1 cup , salt as required , eno – 1 tsp


While preparing idli for adults , in a pan add 1 tablespoon oil, splutter mustard seeds followed by gram dhal, chopped cashew and curry leaves, saute until cashews turn golden, now add chopped ginger, chilies and sauté for a minute add the shredded carrots(1/2 cup) cook for around five minutes, add boiled green peas (1/4 cup) sauté again and then rava/semolina/suji , mix well in pan for 3-4 minutes. Transfer them into a mixing bowl, add 1 cup yoghurt, required amount of salt and mix well. Add 1 tsp eno mix and fold well and scoop out into molds and prepare the idlis. Cooking time is around 12 minutes.



This was my first ever try with Kerala special fruit cake , and thanks to Vrinda for such a lovely and easy recipe. I have always wanted to bake a fruit cake just because it’s my hub’s & parents favorite among cakes .Special thanks to Vrinda as my hubby loved it.

Made a slight alteration regarding the usage of rum. I used freshly squeezed orange juice instead of ½ cup rum and instead of soaking the nuts in rum , I cooked the dry fruits ( ¼ cup tutti frutti , ¼ cup dates, ¼ cup cashew nut, ¼ cup resins) in 1 cup orange juice in low flame until all the juice got evaporated and the dry fruits fully soaked up.

Please go for Rum if you have it as I feel that will give the real feel of the cake.

My caramel wasn’t very dark, so didn’t get the desired colour. I used a loaf tin to bake so took around 1hr + 15 minutes to get fully done at 180 degree centigrade.

Please follow the link http://www.reciperoll.com/2010/12/kerala-plum-cake-christmas-special.html for the recipe.


First of all I wish every one of you a very happy 2011, may happiness dwell in through out the year and in years to come.

Unlike every New Year for the past 2-3 years this year started off; on quiet a refreshing mode. I feel like am getting back the old me and hope it sustains. For quite some time I was down with my disc issues (lumbar and cervical). The winter camp which I conducted during December 2010 for small kids actually helped me come out of my shell, it indeed generated some energy in me. I will blog about my experience in camp later.

I had been thinking of blogging ever since the onset of New Year and see i took more than a fortnight to find some time to write. So here goes the recipe of the yummy carrot cake which I made on New Year’s Eve and is dedicated to Mehjabeen sultana (my good old college friend).


Dry ingredients

All purpose flour – 1 cup

Baking powder – 1 teaspoon

Cinnamon powder – 1 tsp

Wet ingredients

Sugar – 1 cup

Canola Oil or sunflower oil – ½ cup

Egg – 2

Grated carrots – 2 cup (I used shredded ones form processor)

Orange zest (grated some fresh orange skin or You can finely dice some orange peels-discard the white inner surface , it makes it bitter)- 1 table spoon

You can reduce the quantity if you don’t like the flavor or totally omit it and add ½ teaspoon of vanilla essence instead.

Orange essence – 1 tsp (optional) (I just love the orange flavor in carrot muffins and cake , it’s just your personal choice )


Preheat your oven to 180 degree centigrade for 10 minutes. Sift the dry ingredients (flour baking powder and cinnamon powder for 2-3 times), sifting well mixes the baking soda and flavoring agent uniformly and also it aerates the flour.

Combine the sugar and oil in a big bowl and mix them using a mixer until the sugar turns creamy, add eggs one at a time and keep mixing. Add the carrots, essence and orange zest and mix well. Now fold in the sifted flour little by little until mixed properly. You can add ¼ cup tutti frutti (candies fruits) or resins dusted with 1tbsp flour to the mixture. Mixing with flour prevents the candies or resins from sinking down while baking.

Grease the cake pan or muffin tray , add the cake mixture and bake it for 35- 40 minutes for cake and 20-22 minutes for the muffins. Check whether it is properly cooked by inserting a tooth pick , it should come out clean. Cool it for 10 minutes, turn over and relish your cake as such or go for a topping.


Cream cheese frosting:

Cream cheese – 1cup

Butter -1/4 cup

Icing sugar or confectioners’ sugar – 1 cup

Vanilla essence – 1 tsp

Combine all the ingredients well with a hand mixer or stand mixer, scoop it out spread on the cooled cake or muffins, if required decorate with fresh carrot slices and serve.






Sample PCM Questionnaire

I have prepared few pcm questioanire for my kids practice. Thought i will share it so that it could be of use to other kids preparing for pcm scholarship exams.
I will keep adding more and more links in this page watch out for new question papers.
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